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Καλάθι αγορών


Terms of use

Please read carefully the following terms and conditions of use & transaction of the online store

Terms of Use, which the consumer is required to accept in the context of remote transactions (indicative: Law 2251/1994 on Consumer Protection, as amended and in force).

If you make purchases through you automatically accept the terms of the transaction and any modifications. By using the website, users give their consent to the following terms and conditions. If a user does not agree with these terms and conditions, then he must not use it.

Product Description

Flowers and plants are seasonal products. This means that some varieties and some species are not always available or the photos of plants and flowers may differ from the actual condition of the plants or flowers that are available because the flowers of the plants and flowers are constantly changing. In case the plants or flowers are not available then it is replaced with another of similar value. The same applies to the bases of the compositions, ceramic-plastic, baskets, glass materials, packaging boxes, wrappers, balloons, toys, greeting cards, drinks, chocolates, etc .. tries to be precise in the creation of the respective order without making it obligatory in cases where the materials in the specific period that you have submitted your order, there may be small deviations in colors. Each composition is made especially for you in our store and you can be sure that every effort will be made to match the color and shape shown in the image.

Flower arrangements and bouquets are made after your order is registered. Therefore it is necessary to have a reasonable period of time (at least one to two hours), so that the bouquet has the ability to manufacture the product you have chosen. The manufacturing time of the products differs from product to product and at the same time you strictly observe the order of priority of the orders.


Balloons – Dangers

The balloon is a gift either alone or as an accompaniment that gives joy to young and old. But be careful because the balloon can become dangerous to children under 8 years old. There is a case of drowning or suffocation when they come in contact with deflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision required. Throw away the broken balloons! Latex balloons have a minimum flight time of about 18 hours under normal conditions and for this reason we do not leave them free because they can end up in places that can burden the environment. Our company has selected partnerships of suppliers that use biodegradable materials so as not to burden the environment as much as possible. The gas gas with which the balloons are inflated is a material that varies according to the prevailing conditions according to the cold, heat, humidity, altitude, etc. It is a factor that can affect the average flight of balloons. In all our balloons we use sealing gels and they are inflated with state-of-the-art machines in order to increase the flight hours of the balloons from 18-36 hours, but other factors that can affect this time or even break should always be taken into account. a balloon.

Accompanying Products

In the store you will find accompanying products from branded companies in chocolates, drinks etc. Which are checked by us for their expiration date and our online store does not bear any responsibility in case of a defective batch. Alcoholic beverages are only delivered to people over 18 years of age.


All the products you see in our online store are photographed in our physical store or supplied from catalogs of our partners.

The photos of the products of the site are the intellectual property of and are protected by Greek and International Legislation. The collection and use of any product catalogs, product descriptions or prices, any indirect use of the Online Store and its contents, for the benefit of another business, commercial or not, without our written consent is prohibited.


Right to Change reserves the right to make any changes to the online store, the product description and prices of the products at any time deemed necessary without any prior notice.

How to Order

1. Through the online store

Enter the category you are interested in and the product you want is selected.

Usually in some products the pieces below the photo are mentioned in the product description. You can then choose one or more products to send and you can accompany them with products such as flowers, plants, teddy bears, decorations and gifts, wines, greeting cards, balloons or chocolates and chocolates.

Then transfer to the cart by clicking the ‘buy’ button and fill in your details in the details of the sender and the details of the recipient that you want the product to be delivered.

2. You can call 6986351935 or 2410996605 and complete your order by phone with all the details of the recipient and the product code and transfer money to a Piraeus or Ethniki bank account number.

3. You can visit us in our store in Iasso, Thessaly and together we can create the gift for your dear friends or relatives.

Order Execution:

When we receive an order, transfer it to the order table in order of date

We take very seriously the order of priority of the orders but we also take care as much as possible to combine the time margin that the sender wants without this making us liable.

You must also acknowledge from the sender that the conditions on a route may not be easy and delays may occur due to unexpected obstacles such as traffic, a sloping route, damage to our vehicles and many other incidents. Our store in telephone orders informs the sender if it is possible to deliver at a strictly specific time or not, so that it will be at the sender’s discretion whether to proceed with his order or not. In cases where the order has been completed by the system and in the comments indicate a specific time and no prior contact with the store to inform if it is possible or not then follow the order of priority and will contact the sender for information, if not manages to contact him will make an effort to fulfill this wish, but without making the store obligated and always respecting the order of priority.

Our experienced driver before starting the route informs the recipient by phone about the time you will be right at his door and that when he is down there will be a second phone call so that he can go out to pick up. (The driver is not allowed to enter enclosed spaces such as apartment buildings, companies, etc. as many times it is impossible to level and park the vehicle in densely populated areas). Once the order is delivered, our company sends or calls the sender and informs about the progress of his order.

Orders that have delivery within Iasso Thessaly are made as usual within an hour as long as the recipient has been transported to the room if it is a midwife or patient or is within Iasso Thessaly if it is an employee or associate doctor.

In any case, after the delivery of the order, the sender will be informed about the progress of the order.


Our store sends all its products only within Iasso Thessaly and within Larissa.

Our store sends selected products outside Larissa as mentioned in our online store and it is listed in the options shipping inside or outside Larissa.

If a product you want is not in our online store, let us know so we can find it for you.

However, there is the extra possibility for sending flowers all over Greece but also abroad and products related to the cooperating florist networks are delivered. The products available in our online store are not available. In this case, contact us by phone to find together the best possible price of your order.


Order cancellation is accepted up to (1) day before the delivery date. In this case you will be refunded exactly the amount for which you have been charged.

Cancellations of orders submitted on the same day for execution on the same day are not accepted. Even if the sender “changes his mind” and does not wish to send the flowers, they may not be sent but the original amount will not be refunded. This is because as soon as we receive an order we immediately proceed to the manufacture of the relevant product by processing the flowers, or the balloons that are necessary, which with the possible cancellation of the order it is impossible to return them to their original state without the relevant damage.

Cancellations or refunds related to orders with destinations in the rest of Greece and Abroad and which are forwarded for execution to a cooperating member of our network are not accepted.

Complaints about the good quality of the delivered products are accepted ONLY on the same day of delivery and ONLY from the sender (who has also been charged their value) and not later, in writing by e-mail or Viber at 6986351935. In these cases we immediately send our representative to the recipient of the order, we check the product and if we really find a problem, we replace it with a new one.

Of course, every product we have prepared has been photographed before it starts for delivery with a time stamp.

The sender can know exactly what is the condition of the product upon delivery if he agrees to be sent a photo via Viber in the relevant window before purchasing the product.

Product Prices

The prices in the products are final and include VAT 13% and 24% depending on the product. Prices do not include shipping costs. Shipping costs depend on the place of delivery and are specified through our online store .



1. Safe environment Piraeus bank

The customer completes his purchases in your e-shop.

Starting the payment process, it automatically goes to the special payment page of Piraeus Paycenter. There he is informed about the amount of his debt and enters his card details.

Payment is processed with absolute security by ePOS Paycenter, which automatically informs your business about the transaction.

The customer is informed about the completion of his transaction by your e-shop.

Upon completion of the transaction, the customer returns to your business website (e-shop).


The company does not keep any of the card details used during the payment. This greatly simplifies the PCI certification process.

The implementation of the infrastructure is completed very quickly.

2 Money transfer via e-banking.

3 With cash or via POS inside our store.


Orders on hold are not shipped.

Order products can not be booked or shipped before deposit.

The execution of your order will start once the deposit has been confirmed.



Each visitor can browse the online store without giving any personal information. For the registered users, your personal data are kept in our database and you have access to them according to law L.2472 / 97 as well as your orders.

We will only need personal data (name, email and phone number) when ordering products. Your Personal Information is used exclusively to provide you with the services you have requested (product delivery, order execution information, information on new products / offers, etc.) and mainly to ensure the possibility of contacting you.